Introducing the graduates from Theatresports® Central Coast's Level 1 Course for adults: Lokie Cooper and Matthew Lusted (not pictured), Rebecca Roth, Danielle Brame Whiting, Bronwyn Lusted, Jessica Pascuzo, Darren Ulbricht, Dianne Jarvis and Peita Mazaroli (pictured). What an incredibly fun time we had together exploring the joys of impro and unpacking some of the well known Theatresports® games. The standard was so high I ended up teaching much more than I had programmed. Special thanks goes to Grace George who assisted along the way. She is an amazing impro coach in the making.

Here's what a couple of the participants had to say about the course:

“After taking the eight week Theatresports® Level 1 Course, I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone wanting to start, develop and improve their drama skills. The weekly two-hour workshops lead by the energetic and knowledgeable Rouba Elhage, takes you step-by-step through performative exercises, building your knowledge, confidence and ability in acting and improvisation. Thank you for helping me to free my imagination and allow me to find enjoyment in play!” – Rebecca Roth – High School Drama Teacher

"I first experienced Theatresports® way back in the 80's at high school (that's showing my age!) and I absolutely loved it. Now, 25 years on, I can relive my childhood every week learning Theatresports with Rouba. Rouba creates such a safe and fun environment that I find myself doing things that seem totally outrageous and thrilling. With a wonderful repertoire of warm-ups, games and tasters we are well prepared for the real games. Each week something new is learnt, our inhibitions are gone, we laugh and laugh and our minds and creative souls get a great work out. I highly recommend anyone to give Theatresports® on the Central Coast a go. You won't regret it. You may even leave each lesson feeling a little lighter a little younger and a lot happier!" - Bronwyn Lusted